Private Residence Philadelphia

The roof, the brick shell and some beams were the only elements worth saving in this small three-story Center City row home. So the building was gutted as the first step in transforming this typical 1800's space into an environmentally conscious, rustic-feel, loft-like urban home for a well-known restaurateur. Old flooring was made into kitchen cabinetry by a wood recycling expert and some was salvaged for the second floor. Brick walls were exposed, original beams were sandblasted and exposed on the first floor, and windows were custom-crafted to match the historic originals. For the new floors, Patterson & Perkiss engaged a hobbyist sawmill to craft flooring from Southern Yellow Pine salvaged from an 1830's silk mill in Scranton PA. When cut, the wood still smelled like fresh turpentine, even after nearly 200 years. And the finished project gives off the sweet smell of success.

Home-within-a Home

This 1950's ranch home in the Philadelphia suburbs was reconfigured to create a handicap-accessible apartment for a wheel-chair bound woman in her 20s while maintaining separate quarters for her parents. The family continued to live at home while the project was completed, requiring thoughtful staging to maintain access to working bathrooms that would meet everyone's needs. The new apartment includes a separate ramped entrance, a full kitchen, roll-in shower and convenience features such as lowered electrical fixtures, 36" doorways and threshold-free doorways. The project included curved custom-fabricated stainless steel railings and a new master suite for the parents.

Private Residence Philadelphia

The renovation of this four-story Society Hill town home included converting a "ghastly" kitchen into a high-tech, avant-garde cook's dream, with high-gloss cherry cabinets, high-gloss counters and floors and a custom-made pantry door with a black mirror-like door. The kitchen rebuild included major plumbing reconfigurations in order to include a powder room nearby. The previously uninhabited basement became a gracious guest suite with a bathroom, while leaving plenty of space for a new playroom and storage. Patterson and Perkiss opened a basement stair well to the rest of the home, allowing light to spill down into the new space.